The Land of the Long White Cloud

After living in Christchurch, New Zealand for the past 4.5 years, Reece and I left our beautiful second home 3 months ago to return to Australia. We had only planned to live there for a year at the most, but plans changed along the way and we kept extending our stay. Our house renovation even kept us there through my first pregnancy and our babe Archer’s first 18 months, when in any other circumstance, we would’ve packed our bags and headed home.  It was an incredibly special season in our lives. An incredibly hard season at times too, but all the good stuff is worth going through a bit of pain for. NZ will always be such a special place for us. Here are a few images of our last few months there._MGL5199_MGL5215_MGL5237_MGL6737_MGL6818_MGL7804_MGL7805_MGL7806_MGL7828_MGL9354_MGL9360_MGL9371_MGL9380_MGL9385_MGL9392_MGL9451_MGL9468_MGL9507_MGL9532_MGL9543_MGL9555_MGL9559_MGL9560_MGL9580_MGL9611_MGL9619_MGL9624_MGL9630_MGL9778_MGL9780_MGL9782_MGL9784_MGL9809_MGL9810_MGL9844_MGL9851_MGL9870_MGL9876_MGL8150_MGL8165_MGL8174_MGL8176_MGL8180_MGL8182_MGL8190_MGL8200_MGL8206_MGL8224_MGL8243

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