July August 2017

So it’s October apparently! And when I look through these photos, July & August already feel like a long time ago. Arch still had his little baby face then, but it has disappeared in the last two months and now we’re parents to someone who looks very much like a little boy.

It has been a challenging few months in some ways. I know it may not look like it, with all the photos of smiley faces and trips to the beach, but I feel like I’m still figuring a lot out when it comes to parenting. And to doing life well.
A constant lesson for me at the moment is learning to slow down and enjoy life, rather than thinking about what needs to get done and what I need to plan for ahead. When you are so used to busyness and the satisfaction of getting things ticked off the to-do list, sometimes stopping and playing with a two year old isn’t the most stimulating way to spend your time. I never imagined I would feel that way as a mum and it’s not something I’m super proud of. But I’m on the journey of letting go of my agendas more often to enjoy his, and finding that there is real joy in that when I am wholehearted and present.
This is something I actually have to make a conscious effort to change on a daily basis. Because it’s so easy to get caught up in stress and not see your way out of it. So now, if I feel I’m getting caught up and tense, or a bit snappy at Arch because he’s disrupting what I’m trying to get done, I try to remember that he is the most important part of my day, and stuff will get done, even if not right now. Of course, I still take the stress train way too far sometimes! Ha! but I’m ok with that because it’s a process and I know getting upset about my mistakes isn’t going to do Arch or I any favours.
This is such a special time and I don’t want to spend it constantly distracted or look back on it when our boy has left home and wish I had paid more attention. When I put it in perspective, it’s something I can’t not work on. It’s just too precious.
Another challenging part of this season has been having Reece living away from us during the week for work. We just miss him so much! And I certainly feel the pressure of parenting more when he is away. But it’s another thing that is helping me to remember to make the most of the time I have with the ones I love most, and to be thankful and focus on the good stuff!
I hope you enjoy these photos x


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