September October 2017

So this page has really turned into a bi-monthly highlight reel…. which is fine by me, I like a bit of order in my life! And it takes me that long to get around to posting anything with this busy little two year old around. (I don’t need to re-iterate the word ‘highlight’ do I? This is just the fun, semi-photogenic stuff. There’s so much mess and lots of tears behind the scenes that doesn’t get posted. But generally, life is GOOD, so let’s celebrate that!)

So here are our September/October highlights, feat. lots of Arch running around in his little palm tree swimmers, roaming the garden, and his 2nd birthday! It was a bittersweet thing having that day come around in what felt like a blink. But we are so proud of our boy and loved celebrating him reaching this milestone. Reece are pretty minimal in our approach to many aspects of our lives, so although we had a party for Arch, it was very low-key with a family backyard barbecue, home made cake and pretty much no decorations.

We totally went overboard with the presents though. With all the families gifts’ combined it was too much to give him in one day. We’ve learned from this though and will be way more minimal in future. Kids love the simple things in life! And to be honest, our morning out at the beach before the gifts and festivities was probably his most favourite part of the day. Oh and his cake… this boy is a BIG cake fan. It was one of his earliest words and he has been very passionate about it ever since!

Anyway, so we are applying the ‘less is more’ philosophy to gifts this Christmas… we have bought Arch ONE toy, a couple of books and a few items of clothing that he needed. We are trying to be more sustainably minded with our purchases, buying less in general, and more of things we know will get used time and time again until they’re worn out, or that will last to be passed on to someone else. (it’s totally a work in progress though!) Because we have waaaayyyyy too much stuff in this world! Something I could go on about but I will leave it at that for now, because IT’S CHRISTMAS! And you didn’t come here to hear me rant about consumerism, so MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Wishing you and yours a Christmas season filled with peace and joy, and THE BEST New year yet! xx104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132133

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