May June 2018

Well hello! Here I am again to update you on our past couple of months, and they have been interesting ones…

First of all (let’s get the nasty stuff out of the way) Reece, Archer & I have been walloped with what’s felt like about 10 bouts of various sicknesses.
Anyone else had that this winter? So horrible! The hardest part was seeing Arch so miserable and really not himself for somewhere in the vicinity of 4-5 weeks.
That had me really down at some points because it seemed like every time he was almost well, he’d get hit with something else, and I felt like we’d never see the end of it.
Not to mention toddlers are significantly more whiney, cranky and difficult when they are not feeling well. My heart absolutely went out to him. But I was in much need of a holiday some days.
One of my sicknesses also came in the form of the morning kind… if you catch my drift.
We are expecting our second little babe to arrive early next year.
We found out in May and I have made my way through the draining first trimester and am now around 16 weeks. We are so looking forward to meeting this little one and having our family and our hearts expand all the more.
I am really thankful that I haven’t been overly sick with either of my pregnancies. I’ve been pretty queasy at times but food has always helped to settle my stomach so I just make sure I have food on hand wherever I go (which is kind of my dream come true).
The tiredness though, I don’t think you can get away with not feeling that. I am in bed (or passed out on the couch) before 9’o clock most nights.
The question we are getting asked the most with this pregnancy (or should I say the number one question asked of anyone who has ever been pregnant since the invention of the ultrasound) is “are you going to find out what you’re having?” And the answer is…. YES. I can be happily patient with a lot of things if needed, but for us personally, we don’t see much point in waiting for this. Meeting and getting used to a new baby is surprise enough on it’s own for us. We’ll find out if it’s a boy or a girl in a few weeks and we won’t be keeping it a secret.
Bit by bit, Arch seems to be getting his head around the idea of a baby joining our family.
We have been showing him a lot of photos and videos of him when he was a baby which he thinks are hilarious. And he seems to be grasping the concept that we all start out pretty small and just keep getting bigger, or “big and big” as he says. Context: “Look mum, now I am big and big!”
My growing belly is making things a bit more real for him now that he can see something is happening there. He likes to say hello to the baby, tell it he’s it’s big brother and give it kisses and high fives. (High five for the baby = slap on the stomach for me. Great.)
Arch has also recently started going to a family day care, which he loved, and then really didn’t like (during that nasty, never-ending sickness phase) and now loves again (yesss).
It’s so great to see him making friends and learning lots of new things. Equally as great is the time it affords me to do things like grocery shop in peace and be a tired pregnant lady. Win. Win. Win.
Oh and I mentioned I needed a holiday above. Well it’s happening. Reece and I are being
sensible, house-saving, budgeting grown ups most of the time. But around the time we found out we were having another babe, we decided a tropical-baby-moon getaway was definitely something we needed before plunging into parenthood round two. Regardless of the budget.
Maybe it’s like this for everyone, but we’ve felt like it’s taken such a big toll on our marriage- just figuring out how to be parents and how to manage our time and priorities so that we still have a healthy relationship. Things we once took for granted like having a proper uninterrupted conversation and going out for dinner are now so precious and rare! So holiday time it is, in less than two weeks. Arch will be staying with both our parents while we’re away and we’ll miss him like crazy, but we know the quality time together will be so worth it.
It’s wayyyyy past my bed time guys, so I’m signing off and hoping you enjoy these images below from our wonderful May and June. Thanks for stopping by xx


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