The Catch up

I can’t believe it’s already October in what has felt like the fastest year of my life so far.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared on here… my sweet hopeful statements about motherhood at the end of my last post had me feeling a little naive when things got really hard shortly after… For a while there I was just in survival mode so crafting my experience and emotions into words has been absolutely not a priority. Hence the long silence.

It was like a warm, reassuring hug to be able to cope as well as I did after Jones’s birth.

I kept my house clean, started going out again to the farmers market and grocery shop a week after he was born. Made as much as an effort as before to get Archer out of the house every day. I didn’t get very teary, I started exercising regularly again and didn’t complain when Reece had to work late.

We moved house when Jones was about 5 months old and in the weeks that followed, exhaustion hit me like a truck. I realised how overwhelmed I was by the responsibility of meeting two small people’s needs around the clock and a torrent of catch-up-tears flowed.

Since that release, that falling apart and coming to terms with my own weakness, I have been a lot more realistic about what I can fit into this season while still maintaining my mental and physical health. I’ve stayed home a lot more and have focussed my time mostly on keeping our little family happy and healthy.

I’ve been a bit of a hermit and it’s been necessary and good, but spring is upon us and I’m excited to start emerging from our little cave more often and enjoying life together as a family of four.

The house we moved to has been an incredible blessing. We’ve gone from living in a little 2 bedroom unit with no yard to a house with not only a yard but a pool! Hallelujah. Summer here we come.

Here’s some beautiful moments of our past few months in photo form. Lots to catch up on. Much love to you x

(Apologies for the recent addition of ads to my website… that’s what happens when they double your annual hosting fee. I’ve been getting ads for toenail fungus… so great!)



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