Hello Christchurch

My boys, my mum and I went on a little adventure in October to visit my sister in my second home, Christchurch, New Zealand. This place is just as stunning as it was when we left in early 2017, and a bit more exciting too with so much of the quake battered city coming back to life in beautiful and creative ways.

It wasn’t easy doing my first trip with two kids, sans Reece (who was off on a well deserved surf trip in Sumatra at the time). Thank the Lord for a mum & a sister like mine though, who were there to hold me & my boys when all the wheels fell off, and for my beautiful friend Kirsty who was there to debrief all my mess with over amazing food and to help me feel sane again.

I captured a lot of beauty with my camera in amongst the chaos. So much so, you wouldn’t even know the chaos occurred. The natural wonders of this place were so much of what made it feel like home when Reece & I lived there for almost 5 years. Those hills, that harbour, those trees and blossoms. They were still just as welcoming and comforting this time around.

And these incredible boys… I’ll never tire of photographing their magic little faces. Always grateful to be their mama & to share this big wide world with them. Yep they push me to my limits, but they are and always will be completely and utterly worth every challenge and every tear. I’m still totally figuring out this mum thing as I go but hey, that’s what makes it an adventure. Looking forward to our next trip. Never again without Reece though. Haaaa!


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